Welcome to Piplay!

Piplay is an online social gaming network in development. It is our aim to create tools that provide developers a universal social networking infrastructure for their games where players can track achievements & high scores through online leaderboards, and connect with friends for online multiplayer matches.

It is our hope that through the use of a unified platform, we can build a large enough library of games where players can also discover new games and share them in kind.

Piplay also publishes mobile games developed by its sister company, Pace Creative Studio.


Our Games


Ever wanted to play more than just Windows Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, or Draw One? Solitaire* is the #1 free app designed for all iOS devices that lets you play not one, but 36 of the most commonly played Solitaire games all in one app. Take your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch anywhere you go and experience Solitaire in HD like never before and play any Solitaire game of your choice.

Land of Heroes

Currently in development, Land of Heroes is a casual real-time strategy RPG inspired by games like Warcraft 3, Genso Suikoden and Fire Emblem.

An ancient evil has returned to the kingdom of Grania. Steel yourself and muster your forces. Only the bravest and wisest of heroes can hope to come out victorious!

Apa Run

Join our hero Apa and his friends as they travel the galaxy for fun, adventure, and candy!

Challenge yourself and your friends in this addicting test of skill and reflexes! Play as any of Apa’s colorful friends! Candy!

Developer Resources


Fantasy Village

Create and design your own village with this mobile-friendly, low-poly medieval village set featuring beautifully hand-painted textures. This set is perfect for different kinds of games, from simulations, to adventure games, to full-blown JRPGs!

Also included is a free chicken. Everyone loves chicken.


Piplay Data SQL Database

Integrate SQL database storage into your game or project! Create, store and modify player stats and other important play information on the fly.




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